Woman sleeping in her bed at home

9 Life-Changing Products That’ll Help You Sleep Better

1. This contoured orthopaedic pillow that makes sure you don’t wake up with sprains in the middle of the night – ₹999

2. This super-comfy eye mask that’ll block any stray light from keeping you up – ₹299


3. This pack of 20 chamomile tea bags, which is a known stress-buster if taken right before bedtime – ₹174. 


4. This pack of 10 corded foam earplugs that’ll let you have a full night’s sleep without getting disturbed – ₹122


5. Or you can go for these silicone ear plugs that are highly durable and perfect even for travel – ₹818


6. This white noise machine that’ll drown out all the other unwanted noises from your surroundings – ₹3,189


7. This door and window draft guard that prevents any outside noises from entering your bedroom – ₹265


8. These game changing blackout curtains that won’t let a single ray of light disturb your sleep – ₹939


9. And if you want that soothing sensation to stay while you sleep, just get this aroma diffuser that goes all night – ₹429


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