Who is Yungeen Ace ?

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Yungeen Ace asked 11 months ago

Yungeen Ace had a difficult childhood he is 1 of 12 brothers, even so, he experienced a very solitary upbringing and turned to music and street life in his teenage years. He acquired the name after the character ace from the 2002 popular film Paid In Full.[5] His career began in March of 2018, when he wrote and recorded solo tracks, releasing his debut single, “No Witness.” There were several other singles, but those bright beginning were darkened by Yungeen Ace and several friends in Jacksonville when they left dinner on June, 5th of 2018 during a sudden drive-by shooting.[6] That left the rapper suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and the loss of his blood brother Trevon Bullard as well as two of his closest friend Royale Smith, Jr. and Jacoby Groover. Immediately after the shooting, legal troubles put the rapper under house arrest.

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CroufordStiven answered 3 days ago

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