Best way to promote your immigration business on social media?

Best way to promote your immigration business on social media?

If you own or rather run an immigration services business, like Education Abroad Consultants, you must be aware of the necessity of proper marketing skills in order to popularise your brand. Actually, the key to the success of any business is making your services known to the target market. Many migration consultants tend to search for online marketing strategies that have been tried and tested and guarantee their success. Well, that isn’t necessarily the right way to go about it. You have to be smart. You can choose to see what your competitors are doing to generate traffic toward their services and build a strong client base.

However, there are a couple of well-tested marketing strategies and ideas that have been well tested and proven for generating traffic toward your business. These ideas have been tailored perfectly for businesses dealing with immigration services.

Anyway, here are some of these ideas that when properly adopted and implemented, could mean significant success for your immigration business.

Post video clips online

Currently, the most common problem faced by the majority of businesses is laying the proper foundation. A possible solution to that is uploading several videos online that promote you and your migration services business. Video marketing has been proven to have the ability to push your site to Google’s first page. The video will promote your business even after prospective clients have found it. Studies show that users who watch video content online on your site have a 172% of buying your service or product.

Have case studies on your website

There are several brand marketing companies that can help you create and come up with captivating case studies of your satisfied clients. This is usually done with very small fees. This is another great way of promoting your content online. When customers read about cases and how you were able to provide your satisfaction to your clients, it gives them a kind of confidence in you. They are more likely to contact you when they need you. It can also result in clients recommending your services.

Have your company listed on Local/ Google Maps

Having your company listed on the local Google Maps is another very important measure to increase your brand awareness.  Having your business listed in the maps will help refer prospective clients to your offices when they are within a specific geographical radius. Also, once your Google My Business listing is optimized it will rank among the top google map searches.

Make use of Facebook Sponsored Stories

Ever since Facebook made a couple of changes that made it possible for only a small percentage of your page followers to see your actual content, Facebook Sponsored Stories have become a very important tool.  Businesses that have implemented this strategy have seen rather significant spikes in their sales. This has also been shown to significantly increase the popularity of your brand.

Content Curative is another important tool

There are good content curative companies that can compile and post the services you provide online. Thousands and thousands of prospective customers and clients usually visit these websites seeking services. You get the idea. When they seek services relevant to your company, your business will be among the results provided.


These strategies have been tested and proven to work. Adoption and implementation of these techniques can mean an explosion for your Immigration Services business. Good Luck!


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