According to the new offer, the organization has included another “On-Air” button in the Promotions area. As per Google, this new On-Air limited time special is a piece of another Audio offer.
Google Pay clients can open this area in the event that they experience any Google Pay promotion on YouTube or Television. The application will tune in to the commercial and afterward give a Google Pay Scratch card. You can get to the scratch card in the “Prizes” segment.

Follow The Following Steps To Earn Google Pay Scratch Card

  • Update the Google pay App to the latest version, you will see the On-air button on Promotions.
  • Click on the On-Air button, Then  Play google pay ads on TV or YouTube on another device. Google app auto-enable the mic to listen the ads. Either you can play this bellow google`s video to earn the scratch card.
  • Play the Ads twice to earn two Scratch Card, You will earn two scratch cards, each scratch card earn 10-1000 rupees from google pay.
  • Go to Rewards and Unlock the one of Scratch card via paying a friend, and another one using the merchant store to scan the QR code.

“That’s it guys, you can earn these Scratch card and also share with friends and family so that they also use the google promotional offer to earn money”.

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