How do I earn real money from PUBG or Free Fire?

Pubg and Garena Free Fire both are one of the best royale battle games. There are many contests held for PUBG and free fire. You should join them and play it for free and make money online by them.

How do I earn real money from PUBG or Free Fire?

How do I earn real money from PUBG?

How do I earn real money from Free Fire?

Play online tournaments 

You can make money playing PUBG or Free Fire as an individual, a duo, or in a squad format by participating in online tournaments with cash prizes. Prizes are awarded in a leaderboard fashion with the top prize going to the last man (or woman) standing or based on team skills and no of kills in each match and the eliminating position matters as well. There are many tournaments held each year by PMCO for PUBG more information can be found at Pubg Mobile Esports tournaments Statistics for free fire FreeFire Esports tournaments Statistics.

Sell your game account

You aced the game (after 1000+ hours) and now you’re done with chicken dinners. Perhaps you want a parachute from another plane for a change! So what about selling your game account with all your skins, BP, and wins to the highest bidder? you can sell your account here Pubg mobile accounts for sale PlayerAuctions and for free fire at Garena free fire Account

Stream or upload content on Twitch or YouTube 

You can stream Pubg or Garena free fire on any of these platforms and earn money from it. You can also earn money by selling your own merchandise as well. You can also earn money from ads while streaming online if popular brands will ask you to use their equipment for playing the game or show their products to your fan base.

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