How many views get on Google ads at 200 rs?

How many views get on Google ads at 200 rs?

Google ads have a tremendous impact on website traffic and revenue because they are paid advertising.

Paid advertising is when an advertiser pays for ad space or time to deliver a message to customers in the form of text, images, or just about anything that delivers information.

This method can be extremely effective because it goes straight to the people who might need a certain product or service.

As long as you stay educated on how your customers use the internet, pay close attention to what they look at and where they spend their money, you will never run out of ways to promote your products and services!

Benefits of Google Ads :

1) AdWords works faster than SEO

2) Increase brand awareness

3) Reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox

4) Reconnect with visitors of your website

5) Measure your performance consistently

7) Tackle your competition better

I have covered all the basic elements of Google AdWords in these first two chapters. I hope these benefits of Google AdWords would help you to get started with running your first ad on this platform.

Google has a lot to offer marketers who use their services, and it’s not always easy deciding which metrics are most important for tracking success or making necessary changes as needed.

In order to make things easier for those overwhelmed by choice, we’re going to cover everything that is essential at least once over the next few weeks so that nothing gets missed!

So we on your question 👇👇

How many views get on Google ads at 200 rs?

It depends on your Keywords and geographical location.

A year ago when I created an ad campaign on google AdWords my keyword was so competitive so it cost me 5–7 rupees per click. 

But if your keyword is not so competitive then it can generate you somewhere around 200 – 1000 page views for 100 rupees. 

If you want to get $100 google voucher so read this post 

How to Get a $100 Google AdWords Credit From GoDaddy

I hope it would help you!

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