How much scope of SEO executive in Amritsar Punjab

How much scope of SEO executive in Amritsar Punjab (India)?

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Hope you all are doing great. Today I have shared some information about SEO executive scope in India !!

Thanks to all who find and reach my blog. Maybe you are a fresher or newbie who wants to make a career in digital marketing as an ‘SEO’ professional but confused about the scope/growth/future. Right?

As my Digital Marketing carrier with 7 Years+ of exp….. it’s easy for me to suggest you make a career in digital marketing as an ‘SEO’ professional. If you want to really make a career in the SEO field so start now to learn about Digital Marketing, Don’t confuse Digital Marketing and SEO. SEO is the single part of Digital Marketing. So let’s start…….

Here is some points and outline what I’ll discuss in this blog:

  • What is SEO?
  • Qualification and Skills Required
  • Role and SEO Salary
  • Scope of SEO in Amritsar Punjab (India)
  • Freelancing Opportunity
  • Part of Digital marketing
  • How to Become a “Modern SEO” Expert?

What is SEO?

Everyone knows SEO is short of Search Engine Optimization, this is one of the most popular parts of digital marketing. SEO helps you to optimize and rank your website on the search engine (Google, Bing, yahooooooo) and help your online visitor to find your website easily. Also, it helps you to find your quality audience for the particular location by the quality backlinks.

Qualification and Skills Required :


The minimum qualification for becoming an SEO Executive in a good company requires graduation or a diploma course in digital marketing but you don’t go through a Diploma course in digital marketing / SEO, only focus on learning SEO skills on the internet / Youtube. If you want to really learn SEO so create your free blog then start SEO on them.


Here are just a few skills that you need in SEO

  • A good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • A sound knowledge of how search engines such as Google work
  • A good analytical and logical skills
  • A good written communication skill (such as writing emails, blog comments, website blogs, etc.)
  • A basic knowledge of photo and video editing
  • A basic knowledge of creating presentations and reports
  • A basic understanding of user experience and customer behavior in online world.

Role and SEO Salary


Role Responsibility Salary
SEO Trainee or Fresher They are responsible for handling
basic SEO work such as creating meta
titles, descriptions, doing SEO on-page
testing, keyword research, creating
videos and slide shares etc.
10K – 15K
SEO Executive They work on both on-page and off-page SEO of a website. They have a good hands on SEO tools, techniques and web analytics.
15K – 25K
Link Builder More focused on creating high-quality backlinks by guest posting, PR outreach, content marketing and other link building techniques. 20K – 25K
SEO Analyst Create plans, strategy for on-page and off-page SEO. Works with Content and Social Media Team 25K – 35K
Sr. SEO Executive/SEO Expert Responsible for implementing strategies and plans, on-page, off-page activities, monitor website organic growth using tools such as Google Analytics. Works in coordination with PR, Content, and Social media teams 30K – 45K
SEO Content Writer Write quality content, blogs, articles, guest posts etc. Keyword research, content strategy etc. 25K – 50K
SEO Lead/Team Leader Handles multiple SEO projects and teams. Create plans and ensure implementation and deliverables on time. 45K – 65K
SEO Consultant Day to day monitoring and suggestions, not limited to SEO but on Content, Social and paid search 60K – 90K
SEO Manager Defines tasks, resources, and overall strategies for projects. Monitors all aspects of SEO, even defines work for the Social and Content marketing team, looks into the analytics metrics for the websites and takes corrective actions. 80K – 1.5L
Digital Marketing Manager Not limited to SEO, defines all work and resources related to digital marketing including social media, content marketing, e-mail marketing, CRO, web analytics, SEO, SEM, etc 1L and above

Scope of SEO in Amritsar Punjab (India)


The online industry is growing every single day & SEO is playing a vital role in bringing visitors to the website and all the companies are spending a huge sum on SEO. It’s one of the most happening areas and there are a good number of job opportunities in the field of SEO.


The scope of SEO in India is very broad and has a bright future. According to the Times of India, digital marketing areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, and Analytics will create more than 1.5 Lakh jobs with the salary range of Rs 4.5-5.5 Lakh in the coming years.


While freshers can earn around Rs. 1.8-2.8 LPA, professionals with over 5-8 years of SEO experience can make around Rs. 3.5-6.6 LPA. As for senior-level SEO salary in India


Freelancing Opportunity For SEO Executive : 


Please first learn SEO Skills, when you have those skills that fully fill your client requirements then shift on Freelancing Opportunity. There are lots of Freelancing websites. They provide lots of money if you have the skills and potential to do Freelancing client jobs. Top Freelancing websites :

There are two Parts of SEO


On-Page SEO


Is imparting wonderful content, right key phrases, setting keywords on accurate locations, giving suitable title to every web page. on-web page optimization which covers what can be performed on the web pages of the internet site. On-page Optimization may be defined as: factors that impact your internet web page to be able to be listed in the natural search engine optimization search engine webpages. Read More about On-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is doing things off-website online to improve your website’s internet SEO positions. The only aspect you may do off the web page to increase your positions is build up extra hyperlinks. more hyperlinks will generally cause higher Google PageRank and better net SEO positions This consists of link-constructing, growing hyperlink-building with the aid of filing in open directories, google, exchanging hyperlinks, etc. Read More about Off-Page SEO

How to Become a “Modern SEO” Expert?

So, what if you are going to pursue your career as an SEO? Is just becoming an SEO is enough? And what skill set do you need to increase the chances of getting a higher salary?


These are some of the questions that you already have in your mind or would ask later in your career. In the future, being a ‘Good’ SEO is not enough, you need to adapt to the changing search engine technologies, customer behavior, business processes, and goals.


The responsibilities of a ‘Modern SEO’ are not limited to keyword research, link building, site accessibility, but are much more than what we can think of as the classic SEO.

  • Technical SEO
  • Social media
  • Voice search
  • Local search
  • Mobile search
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Secured sites (HTTPS)
  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Knowledge graph, answer box, and entity search
  • User experience testing

Your turn, what do you think about the facts, numbers, and opinion I listed above? Anything to add? I’d love to hear you all in the comments.

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