Latest LinkedIn News: New Freelance Marketplace Platform

Latest LinkedIn News: New Freelance Marketplace Platform

Good news for all my freelance friends: Linkedin launched their freelance Marketplace Platform.

Linkedin developed a new freelance platform better than all freelance websites for their own 800 million + users that find freelance work. This is because more people found themselves working remotely due to the COVID-19. LinkedIn has decided to launch a service that will help freelancers to connect with matched clients and skillsets.

Latest LinkedIn News: New Freelance Marketplace Platform

Why Linkedin Freelance Marketplace Platform is better than others 

LinkedIn has been standing up their freelancer game as of late. The number of freelancers on LinkedIn has grown by 70% in the past 5 years, and some of the platform’s recent changes have rendered it much more freelance-friendly. Take a look below to see how you can use LinkedIn to help your freelance business.

What are the benefits of the LinkedIn marketplace? 

Linkedin Freelance Marketplace Platform is more of a facilitator than a regular job platform – once you make a connection with the client via LinkedIn inbox, you’ll be able to exchange contact email, phone numbers, or whatever else you need to make arrangements about the project.

As previously mentioned, freelance work has been increasing in popularity, even before the start of the pandemic. Using this service, freelancers can pay to promote their skills in the LinkedIn marketplace. Boosting their engagement and allowing more potential employers to see their work. 

In addition, the process of hiring freelancers will be streamlined from the employers’ point of view too. They can locate, research, and connect with a freelancer easily, and even secure a deal and make payments through the service. 

The use of a digital wallet on the platform supports LinkedIn’s plans to incentivize content creators. In order to boost the quality of content posted on the site. The company continues to work on improving the platform and expanding its utility, moves that are set to benefit users if LinkedIn gets them right. 

Looking at Marketplaces are a number of benefits to both employers and freelancers. Not only will it improve the overall hiring process for both parties it is also expected to increase the number of opportunities for both parties too. 

As we are all aware, the pandemic has shifted workers’ mindsets. Many people have discovered that they are more comfortable out of the office environment, working remotely and flexibly. Services such as Marketplaces will allow businesses to employ freelancers without being restricted by location. 

This will benefit both the employer and the freelancer. Employers will have a larger pool of talent to choose from and freelancers will not have to worry about relocating or commuting for a specific job. This could increase the number of businesses that consider freelance work rather than a permanent hire. 

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Is Linkedin Good For Freelancers?

Is Linkedin Good For Freelancers?

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a useful platform for recruiters and jobs. But what about freelancers? Read 5 ways you can use LinkedIn to find freelance clients.

  • Tell people you’re freelance
  • Sell your services in your summary
  • List large or important projects on their own
  • Build up your LinkedIn skills and endorsements
  • Be active on LinkedIn
  • Ask for referrals
  • Connect with people who need your skills
  • Complete your profile

How LinkedIn Marketplace Works 

Is Linkedin Good For Freelancers ?

Now on the general question

How can I Get Projects by Linkedin

Yes, you can get a job from LinkedIn. Please follow the below steps to find a better job by your skills and profession :

  1. Firstly make your professional-looking profile picture.
  2. The job title with keywords in the headline. Your job title should contain the keyword Line “Web
  3. Development | Digital Marketing | App Development ” and your services too.
  4. Past experiences, past clients (year-wise)
  5. Social media links
  6. Contact information
  7. Search on the search bar of Linkedin like “need website developer | website development Work” etc.

    Search on the search bar of Linkedin like "need website developer | website development Work"

  8. Then comment on their post and follow the person and share the DM with your resume.
  9. If you have the potential so you can goit this job.

Thanks for reading this article maybe you are on the below of this article, if you got any solutions to find work on LinkedIn so comment below!

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