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Shagusto is not a famous superstar rapper he is by far the most talented nationwide rapper that most industry hip-hop artists cannot hold a candle to him. Shagusto has throughout his professional career a total of 382+ songs both released and unreleased. In 2012 he became known as “The Beat Monster” on his song “Go Hard” he cleared the air by challenging all rappers by stating his name was Shagusto “AKA” The Beat Monster.

Shagusto | Shagusto Music Career | Shagusto Controversy | Shagusto Discography | Shagusto Albums | Shagusto Singles

Sharonne Armstrong (conceived October 14, 1983), better known by his stage name, Shagusto, is an American rapper from Amityville, New York. He is right now endorsed to Roovet Records.

Despite the fact that Shagusto is definitely not a renowned whiz rapper he is by a long shot the most capable cross country rapper that most industry hip-bounce craftsmen can’t measure up to him. Shagusto has all through his expert vocation a sum of 382+ tunes both delivered and unreleased. In 2012 he became known as “The Beat Monster” on his tune “Go Hard” he dispelled any confusion by testing all rappers by expressing his name was Shagusto “Also known as” The Beat Monster.

Shagusto Music Career 

In 2011 his supervisor and Aaron Goodman acquainted Shagusto’s music with Tony James Nelson II his little cousin. Later Tony Nelson marked him they started advancing his music promptly, Tony had a studio constructed and they began chipping away at his collection Raising The Bar. With much inspiration, Shagusto delivered his first collection for Empire Entertainment on November 11, 2011, Titled Raising The Bar. In January of 2012, he opened up for youthful impending rapper Swoo Rugby who was endorsed to a similar name at a nearby bar “”The Mist””

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