What is search engine write their advantage?

Search Engine is a software program that helps people to find what they are looking for online based on the query they search. In a simple way, Search engines are programs that make it easy for people to search the internet for a piece of relevant information by their query. The main work of a search engine is collecting information about your query, categorizing inner web pages accordingly to your query, and creating an algorithm that makes it easy for people to find relevant web pages by their problems.

What is search engine write their advantage?

What are the 5 advantages of using search engines?

  • They save lots of time
  • Free Resources are available at any time
  • No security to access any information
  • Any information you get easily in just a second
  • No page limits
  • Learn Anything you want
  • Watch Anything you want

Why is the Google search engine better than the others?

Google is generally faster than other search engines at showing results as you want. It is able to deliver millions of results in 0.10 to0.90 seconds. This is down to their technical infrastructure, which is much better than the other engines.

Who is the Google owner?

Alphabet Inc is the owner of Google 

Who owns Google today?

Larry Page owns Google today.

What country owns Google?


In which country Google is not used?

Google restricts access to some of its business services in certain countries or regions, such as Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

What is Sundar Pichai’s salary?

3 million USD (2021)

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