Which one is better Facebook Ads & Google Ads?

Which one is better Facebook Ads & Google Ads?

Google is the most used Search Engine, Serving over 40K searches per second and its ads network takes as much as 33% of global digital ads revenue, while Facebook has around 1.18 billion daily active users.

Which one is better Facebook Ads & Google Ads?

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After Running Facebook  Ads & Google Ads you know about bellow points :

  • Objective
  • Sale (Product / Services)
  • Budget

1. What is the Objective?

  • Building Awareness
  • Driving Engagement 
  • Increase Sales 
  • Acquiring Leads
  • Promoting Event

Facebook Ads : They are especially Effective in improving brand awareness, driving Engagement, and Promoting Event.

Google Ads : Is more Effective option when it comes to increasing sales and Acquiring Leads.

2. What are you Selling?

If your company has launched a first-of-its-kind product, then almost no one will be searching for it on google.
Sure, you Can target Relevant Keywords, but expecting people to make a purchase based on some semblance of relevance is a tall ask.
That’s where Facebook ads are more useful than ads.

Google Display Ad network has taken a worse hit then Facebook due to the popularity of ad block.

3. What is Your Budget?

There are two things to consider: CPC and CPA(Acquisition)
Facebook almost always have a lower CPC as compared to those Ads

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