Which screenshot deserves 1232k views?

Which screenshot deserves 1232k views?

This is a loving mother in the ’50s, using her mouth to blow water into the bowel of her constipated baby, to help him pass feces. Tomorrow now, the chairman will grow up and start saying, Mummy, you are embarrassing me, or mummy you are pestering my life, or mummy pls call me only when it is very necessary, u that cried unnecessarily from the cradle fa, or mummy my wife is no longer comfortable with your stay, take transport and go to the village. Anu of.

Your mama should be part of your priority in life because if she isn’t as wise and caring as she is(was), you would have been long gone. Moms are superheroes.

Is yours still alive, have you spoken with her today? Stop whatever you are doing and make that call. Sure, it will put a smile on her aged face.

Which screenshot deserves 1232k views?

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