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If you are a blogger, then you must have made every effort to rank your blog website in Google or any other Search Engine. Nowadays blogging on Expired Domain has become common. In this way, you must definitely sleep about the website. If you want to know about

MPNRC Owner – How much traffic comes on MPNRC Org?, How much does MPNRC Org earn? If yes, then you can read this article.

In this blog, you will get to know what is the reason behind MPNRC ranking so high on Google? If you also want to get your website good ranking on Google like the MPNRC Owner website, then read this article completely.

MPNRC is one of the top website on the Internet, which ranks on almost all its keywords. Due to which big to small bloggers and news websites have become very upset by this. That’s why after a lot of research, we thought of sharing a lot of important information related to this website with you, so that you too can get a good rank in Google by adopting a strategy like MPNRC Owner.

MPNRC website Details

I have used Ahrefs SEO Tool to extract the details of this website, because it is a very powerful SEO tool. With its help, important information about any website can be obtained. But Ahrefs comes very expensive. At present, you can see the details of MPNRC ORG in the table given below.

MPNRC Owner Name Unknown (Not Reveal) Age 9yrs+
MPNRC Org Traffic 11 Millions +
MPNRC Org Earning (Estimate) $300k +
MPNRC Org Niche Multiple Niches (News Based)
MPNRC Official Website Name &

Now we will provide you some other important information related to this website and will also tell how this site grew the MPNRC Org Website so quickly? And how can you make a website like this?

Who is the Owner of MPNRC Org ?

Who is the owner of MPNRC ORG?, hardly anyone knows about it. Because no details have been given about it anywhere, so that it can be known who is the owner of MPNRC ORG? If you also visit MPNRC website then you do not have any information about MPNRC Org Admin. Even then, if you want to contact the MPNRC Website, then you can contact with the help of Email Id.

How much traffic comes on MPNRC Org?

We have used the site explorer of Ahrefs to find out how much traffic comes to MPNRC ?. According to which traffic of about 5 million per month comes to this website. Which you can see in the image given below and if you see SimilarWeb MPNRC Traffic then you will see 11 Millions+.

How much does MPNRC Org earn?

How much does MPNRC ORG earn? We have again used Ahrefs to gather accurate information about this. Although this is just an MPNRC Website Estimated Earning, its exact earnings can only be estimated. Because Google does not allow you to share the exact earnings of any website with anyone.

You can see the earning of MPNRC ORG as given by Ahrefs in the above. Which is around $300k+, which if converted into Rupees would be over 20 million, 23 lakh. If you look at the above image carefully, then you will know that this website started gaining traffic very fast in the last few months, due to which it is earning so much income.

Reason behind MPNRC ORG’s Top Ranking on Google?

The reason behind this MPNRC website getting so much traffic is that in the olden times it was an MP Government website. Then later the government stopped working on it and someone bought this expired domain. Apart from this, this website has also got backlinks from many educational websites and government websites, due to which its authority and Google’s EAT score are also very high. Which is the main reason for its ranking. Despite being an Expired Domain, being a government website in the olden times, Google still relies heavily on it, so almost all the keywords on this website always rank at the top. Generally, it always takes about 1 year for a new website to be ranked on Google, but due to the official Expired Domain of this website, Google is so confident in it, that it started giving top ranking in just 3 months. Due to which today traffic of more than 5 million per month comes to this website. Not only MPNRC ORG but there are also and some other websites, which were government websites in olden times or on which government backlinks were made. Then later someone bought these domains and started working on it and grew very fast. If you also want to earn a lot of money by getting a lot of traffic like all these websites, then you should also find domains like these. Which was the domain of the government in the old times and should be worked on.

At present, Google’s algorithm has not been able to catch these tricks and it considers these websites to be government websites. However, as long as Google can catch this, you too can earn lakhs of rupees by working on similar Expired Domains.

Which server is MPNRC hosted on?

Digital Ocean AMD 96 USD plan

What is the reason for MPNRC’s success?

  • Positive Approach

  • Work with strategy should be on an expired domain

  • Regular word|post

  • When MPNRC Live was RD 92

  • Corona pay rank then the world’s big websites gave the link

  • When it was live, DR 25 was and today it is 50

MPNRC Full Form

My Personal News Recruitment & Counselling

MPNRC Daily Visitors

Real-Time Visitors is 136809

MPNRC Real Time Visitors

Real-Time Visitors is 136809

MPNRC Highest Earning in a day

(12234.73 USD) per day and highest 16500 USD

This is AdSense earning. Earnings are low in terms of traffic

MPNRC Future Plan

MPNRC says the future plan is to keep it secure. It comes with a lot of copyright mostly. Including MPNRC, Microsoft, and many more Those whose goal is to make money should use a simple theme Those whose goal is to make money should use a simple theme And ads will click more

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